Your gift is a powerful witness of God’s care and compassion


Your gift is a powerful witness of God’s care and compassion

Do you have a passion for what God is doing through the strategic interventions of the CRN and its network Partners?

 Have you ever wondered how you can help alleviate the suffering of others during a crisis or support their recovery?

Your Donation can assist us to fulfill our mission of preparing communities for a crisis, responding during a crisis, and empowering them in the wake of a crisis towards restoration and renewed hope.


Take a minute to read through the various ways you can support the work of the CRN

Short-term support

Following a disaster, it is easy to want to give clothing and blankets to keep people warm, or food to feed the hungry. The reality is that money is the most effective gift.

Monetary donations allow the CRN and its network partners working on the ground, to determine the needs of those affected, and purchase supplies locally.

Long-term support

Making a donation in the short-term is important to address immediate needs. But, recovery efforts after a disaster often take months, or even years.

Please consider donating towards ongoing efforts! In this way you partner through the CRN with local churches and community leaders for long-term recovery work.

General Relief Fund

By supporting the general relief and preparedness efforts, you enable the CRN to apply your donation where and when most needed. Perhaps it will be in Nepal, or towards ongoing restoration efforts of churches in Mozambique after a cyclone.

A donation of this kind will also enable us to respond as quickly as possible in a new crisis, until short-term donations start coming in. 

Support a Volunteer

The CRN also relies on volunteers when activating a response team to a disaster area. Your sponsorship will allow them to attend training with one of our partners to be equipped for a specific role, as outlined on our volunteer page.

You can also contribute towards the travel and subsistence costs of our volunteers.

Thank you...

for partnering with us and making God's compassion tangible

International Payments


Name:  CRN

Bank:   First National Bank (FNB)

Cheque Account:   62840685757

Branch code:         250655


NPC registration number – 2019/590489/08 
Please use the crisis/option of your choice and your name & surname as a reference.

(e.g. Mozambique James Small).

PayPal Worldwide Payments


If you make use of the PayPal option, please note it will redirect to INcontext’s PayPal account, as the CRN falls under INcontext. Please be assured that your donation will be allocated according to your description provided.  


Donate towards CRN operations worldwide

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Please enter the crisis name or purpose of your payment in the Payment Purpose box on your Snapscan app.