Five Afghan Families You Can Help

CRN is supporting 5 Afghan families to start a new life in a new country. With the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, their lives are now in danger due to various reasons (their faith, support for women’s rights, support of democracy on media, connections to foreign NGOs and a forced marriage).

We have received wonderful support for transport and temporary accommodation in an intermediate country while their visas for their final destination are in process.

We still need $575 per individual for their visa processing fee. The five families consist of 30 individuals. Will you please consider sponsoring one or more individuals?

You can read their stories below.

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Family A

Family A consists of the father, his mother, his wife, 2 daughters and 3 sons. Their eldest daughter was studying to be a mid-wife (she was in the final year of studies), when a 60+ year old Talib with two wives kidnapped her and took her for his third wife. Through the heroic efforts of the father they escaped to another country despite the threats.

This family needs refuge in a safe country.

Family B

Family B consists of a father, mother, 4 sons (one is married with a child) and a daughter. The father worked with foreigners for many years. He served faithfully and with humility, even though he could neither speak nor read any English. He has been threatened by the Taliban because he worked for and with foreigners.

He is seeking an education for his daughter which is no longer possible in Afghanistan.

Family C

Family C consists of the father, mother and 7 children. The father is already in another country. The mother and 2 sons recently fled Afghanistan. They are are in danger of persecution by the Taliban due to their faith.

The father worked for multiple charity organizations. He was arrested and tortured multiple times by National Security and by local police to get more information about religious activities. He has been attacked, kept hostage and shot by the Taliban, but survived.

Family D

Family D consists of the father, mother, father’s sister, daughter, son and his wife.

The father worked for a security company providing services to the US army.

The mother, a teacher, assisted with UNICEF projects as a master trainer for 18 years. She was a presenter on Radio in Afghanistan through which she also taught classes. She is an outspoken women’s rights activist and have been to Europe a couple of times to organize humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan. She is in particular danger because she worked with many international organizations and also appeared on national TV.

Family E

Family E consists of a father, mother and a son.

The son has been working in media (TV and Radio channels) since 2017, as program producer and news and political programs presenter, conducting debates with politicians, open talks and round tables.  He has played an active role in defending freedom of speech, struggled for democratic values and human rights.

Under the current conditions his life is in danger.



The Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan 16/08/2021

The most vulnerable will stay behind.

What will life look like for them?

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