TWO Afghan Families
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All the visa processing fees for the USA visa applications have been taken care of for the 5 families CRN is helping to care for. Thank you very much to everyone who contributed to meet this need.

One more family was reunited after 2 years with your support in November 2023.

CRN is still supporting 2 Afghan families with their living expenses while their visas for their final destination are in process.

The 2 families consist of 16 individuals. Will you please consider sponsoring one or more of these families?

You can read their stories below.

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Reunited Afghan Family

Family A

Family A consists of a father, mother, 4 sons (one is married with a child) and a daughter. The father worked with foreigners for many years. He served faithfully and with humility, even though he could neither speak nor read any English. He has been threatened by the Taliban because he worked for and with foreigners.

He is seeking an education for his daughter which is no longer possible in Afghanistan.

Family B

Family B consists of the father, mother, father’s sister, daughter, son and his wife.

The father worked for a security company providing services to the US army.

The mother, a teacher, assisted with UNICEF projects as a master trainer for 18 years. She was a presenter on Radio in Afghanistan through which she also taught classes. She is an outspoken women’s rights activist and have been to Europe a couple of times to organize humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan. She is in particular danger because she worked with many international organizations and also appeared on national TV.



The Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan 16/08/2021

The most vulnerable will stay behind.

What will life look like for them?

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