Photo: AThiart

Crisis Response Network

Northern Mozambique 2022

Northern Mozambique 2021

Displaced arriving in Pemba, Mozambique

24 April 2021 – Violent attacks in Northern Mozambique and on the town on Palma, sent thousands of people fleeing to Pemba. Aid is urgently needed to support families hosting them, as well as the IDPs.

Displaced people in Pemba

2 May 2021 – Many fleeing the violence after the attack in Palma, started arriving in Pemba. They are received at registration centres. 

Serving the displaced people of Mozambique

13 May 2021 – IDPs receiving life giving aid, emotional and spiritual care as they wait for news about loved ones, or start the rebuilding phase of their lives.

Serving the destitute in Pemba

16 May 2021 – Network partners praying with those affected by the displacement

Blisters on her feet

30 May 2021 – Walking for 7 days to reach the safety of Pemba, she finally arrived and received the care from our network partners on the ground.