Mozambique Flood: Cyclone Idai
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Mozambique Flood: Cyclone Idai

On 14 March 2019, Cyclone Idai made landfall in Beira, on the Mozambique coast.  A hydrologist and water purification specialist from South Africa partnered with the CRN, INcontext International, and Harvesters Ministries and visited the affected areas on three occasions.

  •  The first engagement was shortly after the cyclone made landfall, where contact was established with several of the local churches, and support was provided during a time when the crisis peaked.
  • Through the contacts established during the first trip, two follow-up trips were planned, to support restoration efforts in the communities. The focus was on providing general disaster management training to the local church leaders, debriefing, and determining steps towards restoration.
  • From these discussions, the need for clean water was identified, and a water project was started in the slums of Beira (an area that was particularly devastated during the cyclone). The water purification project continued into the third intervention when a drone survey of the slums, and positions of water wells in the area, were conducted. It was the first time that a drone survey of the area had ever been conducted, and through these projects, our strategic response continues, where the locals will develop a programme to upgrade the slums over the next couple of years.

These projects, and especially the partnership with the local body of believers on the ground in Mozambique, enable the restoration efforts to continue long after the CRN team has departed.
Below is a picture video of the control point survey of the slums.