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Mozambique: A Cyclonic Insurgency?

Destruction caused by Cyclone Idai. (Source: UK Department for International Development)
An analysis of the role which Cyclone Kenneth played in intensifying the Islamist insurgency in northern Mozambique.
By Michael Cruickshank

Domestic violence during COVID-19: are we asking the right questions?

Reliable data is useful but the priority is ensuring survivors have access to high-quality support and services.
26 JUN 2020 

Out of school, forced to fight: Children pay price for Sahel war

Escalating violence, lack of schooling put minors at higher risk of being recruited by armed groups and child marriage.
by Annika Hammerschlag
19 Apr 2020

Marriage of survival: Will climate change mean more child brides?

by Abigail Higgins
19 Feb 2020
Evidence suggests that environmental disasters could lead to earlier marriages in the communities gravely affected.

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