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readiness   |  response   |   restoration

Support the Education Needs of Vulnerable Refugee Children


Ukraine banner

ukraine war support

CRN partners in Ukraine are supporting the Internally Displaced people with basic daily supplies. Read more about this response by clicking on the image above.

Syria Turkiye

Earthquake Syria & Turkiye

On 6 February 2023 a devastating earthquake hit the region leading to a combined deathtoll of over 45,000. CRN is supporting the restoration efforts through our partners in Syria. Follow the updates on our social media.

South Sudanese Refugees banner

South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

The disproportional amount of orphans and unaccompanied minors in Rhino Refugee Camp is of great concern to our partners living in the camp. CRN is supporting their sustainable efforts to provide educational and medical care to these children.

GAZA block image


CRN partners with Shepherd Society who has a presence in Gaza where they provide medical support, trauma counseling and basic food items to the communities affected by the violence. Donate directly through this link: or visit CRNs donate page

Family Restoration Banner

South African Family support project

South Africa has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in the world. CRN focuses on supporting affected families with re-integration, stabilization, and restoration.

Mozambique Banner

Northern Mozambique

Over 10,000 people were displaced in June 2022 in Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique. Read more how you can partner with CRN and grassroots partners to alleviate what is becoming known as the world's "invisible emergency".


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The Crisis Response Network is a Christian-based NGO that coordinates a network of partners for a strategic, compassionate and sustainable response before, during and after a crisis.  The CRN is not a direct implementer of a response but, through partnerships and local responders, aims to alleviate the suffering of victims of a crisis.