Give expression to the love of God

Middle East Children


Give expression to the love of God


One of the most effective things we can do is to be present when others need us.

We invite people with the following experience, attitudes, and abilities to serve our team efforts in the field:  

  • Health and allied health practices

  • Administration and project management skills (including, basic financial skills, HR, monitoring & evaluation, programme development, and data collection tasks)

  • ICT skills: (including HF, satellite, and internet-related skills)

  • Security experience

  • Food security and nutrition

  • Water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH), and plumbing skills

  • Education skills

  • Agricultural skills

  • Trauma counselling

Please refer to the Requirements and Memorandum of Agreement for CRN Volunteers below, for a detailed description of all skill-sets needed


 We are in need of people who:

  1. Maintain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Adhere to our values, are willing to work as team members, and will submit to the Crisis Management Team leader. 
  3. Have one, or more, of the skills mentioned above.
  4. Preferably have 1-2 years of professional experience in a particular field of expertise.
  5. Are available at short notice for immediate deployment, for approximately 1-2 weeks (as determined by the type of crisis).
  6. Have the ability to serve for extended hours and the whole time while deployed.
  7. Are willing to work in unstable and insecure locations.
  8. Have a flexible attitude and a willingness to adapt according to the circumstances.


Please download the Memorandum of Agreement for CRN Volunteers (Volunteer MoA), print and fill in the relevant sections, sign the document, scan and upload it with your application.

Alternatively, fill in the document in Adobe Acrobat – go to the Edit menu option in Adobe Acrobat Reader, select Manage Tools, and click on Fill & Sign. Complete the fields with the Adobe text editor and then either sign the document with your electronic signature or print the relevant signature pages, sign by hand, scan and attach it below.

Important: Please scan your CV and the Volunteer MoA as Multi-page PDF documents at 300 dpi and not as separate JPEG files.

Volunteer Application Form