Church Involvement

Church Involvement


Pray with us

  • Please pray for the CRN as we seek to alleviate the suffering of others.
  • Pray for God’s direction, provision, and protection for the CRN team, the volunteers and partners, and for all those we serve.
  • Pray that through the responses and projects, needs will be met, and hope will be restored to victims and communities.
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  • Visit our Insight page for additional insights on what to pray.

Never underestimate the power of prayer.



As the body of believers, we need one another to care, support, and encourage each other and our neighbours in our daily walk, but especially during challenging seasons.

Have you ever wondered: “How can I be more relevant in a time such as this?”

We invite you to seek God’s face and if He leads you to expand your congregation’s footprint and involvement, we offer various opportunities for people with the necessary skills and aptitude to sign up as volunteers.

Please visit our Volunteer page to view the skills required and prerequisites for becoming a volunteer.
The CRN believes that the community of believers has been strategically placed by God to reach their neighbours in times of suffering.

You can also invite us to come and speak or present a seminar in your area (in person or via Zoom).  Visit our Training page to find out more.


Do you have a passion for what God is doing through the strategic interventions of the CRN and its network partners?

You can help alleviate the suffering of those affected by a crisis, and support their recovery.

By donating you assist us to fulfill our mission of preparing communities for a crisis, responding during a crisis, and empowering them in the wake of a crisis towards restoration and renewed hope. Find out more.


Take a minute to read through the various ways you can support the work of the CRN

Short-term support

Following a disaster, it is easy to want to give clothing and blankets to keep people warm, or food to feed the hungry. The reality is that money is the most effective gift.

Monetary donations allow the CRN and its network partners, working on the ground, to determine the needs of those affected, and purchase supplies locally.

Long-term support

Making a donation in the short-term is important to address immediate needs. But, recovery efforts after a disaster often take months, or even years.

Please consider donating towards ongoing efforts! In this way you partner through the CRN with local churches and community leaders for long-term recovery work.

General Relief Fund

By supporting the general relief and preparedness efforts, you enable the CRN to apply your donation where and when most needed. Perhaps it will be in Nepal after an earthquake, or towards ongoing restoration efforts by churches in Mozambique after a cyclone.

A donation of this kind will also enable us to respond as quickly as possible in a new crisis, until short-term donations start to come in. 

Support a Volunteer

The CRN also relies on volunteers when we activate a response team to a disaster area. Your sponsorship will allow them to attend training with one of our partners to be prepared for a specific role as outlined on our Volunteer page.

You can also contribute towards the travel and subsistence costs of our volunteers.

Interested IN receiving CRN news?

If you are interested in connecting with us, and receiving regular CRN-related news, please complete the registration form and/or alternatively invite us to speak to your congregation.

Church Registration Form​

Upon registration with the CRN, your church will receive 5 logins, which you may utilise among your staff or members. We kindly request that you do not share these logins details with other people.